Our Mission

Dr. Lisa Di Natale, emphasizes natural methods of health and wellness 
through Chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction methods. The 
office objective is to help patients reach their full health potential naturally. 
Health is wholeness and balance, an internal resilience that enables one to meet 
the daily demands of living without being overwhelmed.  

While Dr. Lisa  recognizes the need for medication with patients who are 
seriously ill or need surgery, she sees chronic use of over the counter and 
prescription medications when there are natural methods available to reduce or 
even eliminate the cause and need to medicate.
At TLC Chiropractic Dr. Lisa will look to the cause of the problem and focus 
on getting your nervous system, (which controls every cell, tissue and organ) 
functioning optimally to maximize health and enable your body to heal naturally.

You will receive a thorough chiropractic examination consisting of  
neurological, muscular skeletal, and postural assessments. She will discuss 
nutrition, exercise and stress reduction techniques. Appointment times are 
scheduled to absolutely minimize any waiting.